The Support and Aid to Families Electronically (SAFE) program offers practicum experiences for both Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) and Master of Social Work (MSW) students at King’s. There are options for both regular and block placements with SAFE. 

SAFE offers a rich experience in direct social work practice. Social work students who are placed with SAFE will gain experience in conducting intakes, performing assessments, facilitating workshops, developing resources, and offering counselling to parents/caregivers and youth who are referred to SAFE. 

Students engage in weekly peer supervision sessions with the SAFE program clinical supervisor.

Students who have been placed with SAFE have found it a valuable learning opportunity, giving them a chance to gain new skills in psychotherapeutic approaches, public engagement, community-based social work, research and knowledge mobilization.

In addition to providing remote counselling support, students can engage in the research and program development as the program expands. This is an exciting opportunity for students to have their efforts recognized in research publications.

“The SAFE program is a great way for students to gain important clinical skills before entering the field as social workers and helps parents and caregivers to gain strategies and have a place to talk about their struggles and successes. During a pandemic, this was even more important work, and I am excited to see this program grow to be able to provide low-barrier support to families in the area.”

Emma Sutton, former student

“My practicum with the SAFE program has been one of the most comprehensive and valuable educational experiences I’ve had at university. Initially, I was worried about how independent the program was, and whether I would have the support I needed. I also assumed that it would mostly involve individual clinical counselling, and that I would miss out on learning how to work in an established agency. Not only did I feel that I had someone to turn to for support or advice whenever I needed guidance, I also had the flexibility to create my own unique experience within the program. Aside from counselling, there have been many opportunities to learn about program development, social work research, community workshops, and working within a clinical team. As I’m ending my practicum, I am so grateful to have been placed with the SAFE program. Having the freedom to develop my skills in so many different areas has given me a sense of multi-dimensional competence and has prepared me for my career as a social worker.”

Sarah Szpak,
Social Work student and current SAFE service provider