Dr. Akin Taiwo

Dr. Akin Taiwo

Dr. Akin Taiwo

Associate Professor

Phone: 4356
Email: ataiwo3@uwo.ca

A former journalist and columnist with Sunday Times, Concord, and New Age newspapers in Nigeria, Akin was an activist within the African diaspora community in Windsor, Ontario, before moving to London. As an Associate Editor of the now defunct local magazine, Sankofa News, he challenged anti-Black racism, poverty, inequality, and other oppressions and injustices against vulnerable and marginalized populations.

As a registered social worker, Akin engaged in direct practice with individuals, families and groups in the community, and did some administrative work for the hospital. He was also an adjunct professor both at the University of Windsor, ON, and the University of Detroit Mercy, USA. More recently (2017-2019), he was the Academic Director of YouthREX (Youth Research & Evaluation Exchange) for the Windsor-Essex Community Hub.


  • University of Ibadan, Nigeria – B.A. (Combined Honours in Philosophy & Political Science), & M.Sc. (Political Science)

  • University of Lagos, Nigeria -M.Phil. in Political Science

  • University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada - MSW & PhD


Political Social Work; Social Justice & Social Change; Globalization, Immigration & Diaspora Issues; Multicultural Practice with Diverse Populations; and Social Work Poetics.

Selected Publications


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