Dr. Laura Beres

Dr. Laura Beres

Associate Professor

Office: FB311
Phone: 4575
Email: lberes2@uwo.ca


I graduated with my MSW 30 years ago and have worked in direct practice to some extent ever since then. I continued working part-time in front-line counselling settings while I completed my PhD in Critical Pedagogy and Cultural Studies, and now provide one evening a week of counselling at DAYA, in the London community. I recently completed an additional MA, in Christian Spirituality, in the UK, as I was interested in a rigorous academic grounding in this area as I have begun integrating spirituality into social work practice and research. In addition to my formal university education I also completed advanced training in Narrative Therapy with Michael White at the Dulwich Centre in Australia. These experiences, combined with my ongoing collaboration with Jan Fook in the area of Critical Reflection of Practice, has led to my current interests in my research and teaching within social work.

I am a clinical social worker and academic committed to the practitioner-researcher model, critical reflection of practice, and anti-oppressive, post-modern and social constructionist ways of engaging with people. These commitments infuse my research, writing, counselling and teaching practices. I invite students to engage in these ways of working in my courses, which has resulted in students presenting and publishing their work with me in international settings, journals and edited books. The most recent example of this has involved five former MSW students contributing chapters to an edited book, Learning Critical Reflection: Experiences of the Transformative Learning Process, which I have co-edited with Jan Fook. My MA dissertation, which will become part of my next book, is regarding Teresa of Avila's and Edith Stein's contributions to counselling generally, and Narrative Therapy particularly, as I examine their writing about spirituality and personhood.


  • York University - BA (Hons)
  • University of Toronto - MSW
  • Sarum College, University of Winchester, UK, MA with distinction
  • University of Toronto - PhD


Narrative therapy and strengths-based practice; Spirituality and mindfulness; Critical reflection on practice; Currently involved in a research project with local agencies providing services to people with experiences with the refugee process and trauma. 

Selected Publications


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Béres, L. (April 2019). How to bring spirituality into the therapy room. Invited to facilitate a half-day workshop to Catholic Family Services of Toronto.

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