Dr. Rosemary Vito

Dr. Rosemary Vito

Assistant Professor

Office: LH210
Phone: 4380
Email: rvito4@uwo.ca

Rosemary has over 20 years of clinical and supervisory practice experience in children’s mental health and developmental services, having worked at CMHA (WWD) as both a clinical supervisor and mental health worker. She also has experience in program and service development, external advisory committees and board membership, diversity and community development initiatives.


  • University of Guelph - BASc (Child Studies)
  • Wilfrid Laurier University  - MSW (IFG)
  • St. FX University - Diploma in Adult Education
  • Wilfrid Laurier University - PhD.


Rosemary’s primary teaching interests include social work supervision and leadership, mental health, and field instruction. Her research interests center on social work leadership skills and development, human service organizations culture and change management, and innovative adaptive responses to government funding and policy shifts.

Selected Publications

Vito, R. (2015). Leadership support of supervision in social work practice: Challenges and enablers to achieving success. Canadian Social Work Review, 32(1&2), 145-160.

Adamowich, T., Kumsa, M.K., Rego, C., Stoddart, J., Vito, R. (2014). Playing hide-and-seek: Searching for the use of self in reflective social work practice. Reflective Practice, 15(2), 131-143.

Vito, R. (2017). The impact of service system transformation on human service agencies: Competing ministry directives and strategic innovative leadership adaptations. Human Service Organizations: Management, Leadership & Governance. DOI:10.1080/23303131.2017.1329175

Vito, R. (2016). Leadership practice, organizational culture and new managerialism: Strengths, challenges, variations and contradictions in three children’s service agencies. Theses and Dissertations (Comprehensive). 1843. Retrieved from http://scholars.wlu.ca/etd/1843


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