Dr. Tracy Smith-Carrier

Dr. Tracy Smith-Carrier Program Coordinator

Associate Professor

Office: SA230
Phone: 4481
Email: tsmithca@uwo.ca

Tracy's program of research touches upon a number of different fields in the social policy arena, including access to social welfare benefits, social assistance receipt, caring labour and health care administration and the experience of service utilization, specifically for frail, homebound older adults. Dr. Smith-Carrier started her journey as a middle school teacher and later moved onto to pursue a career in research and policy analysis, particularly examining if, and how, marginalized groups access programs and services in the post-welfare state. She brings years of experience in social planning and non-profit organizations, government and hospital settings. Current research projects involve a mixed-methods study examining trends in intergenerational social assistance receipt, research on basic income schemes, and a study on rural poverty in Ontario.


  • Queens University - BAH
  • University of Toronto - BEd
  • Wilfrid Laurier University - MSW
  • University of Toronto - PhD (Social Work)


Social Welfare; Poverty; Social Policy; Social Assistance; Health Care Administration; Caring Labour; Interprofessional Collaboration; Home Based Primary Care; Aging; Mixed-Methods Research


Co-Principal Investigator with Drs. Stephanie Baker Collins, Amber Gazso, Dean Herd and Carrie Smith - Myth or Reality? Exploring Parent and Child Social Assistance Use in Ontario, Canada

Co-Principal Investigator with Drs. Don Kerr, Siu Ming Kwok, Dora Tam, and Ms. Juyan Wang - Another Case of Welfare Cycling? Exploring Social Assistant Participation in London, Ontario

Postdoctoral Research Award, Department of Medicine, Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto, Ontario

Selected Publications

Peer Reviewed Publications

Smith-Carrier, T., Gazso, A., Baker Collins, S., & Smith, C. (forthcoming). Myth or reality? Exploring intergenerational social assistance participation in Ontario, Canada. Journal of Sociology & Social Welfare.

Kerr, D., Smith-Carrier, T., & Wang, J. (forthcoming). From temporary financial assistance to longer term income support: Probing the growth in Ontario's Disability Support Program (OSDP). Canadian Review of Social Policy.

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