Social Work is a dynamic and evolving profession. Preparation for professional practice begins with the Bachelor of Social Work (Honours).

The Social Work Program provides a learning environment characterized by excellence in social work education directed towards developing and fostering principled and competent professional practitioners who recognize the inter-relatedness of human needs, social structures and oppressive conditions in their work with diverse populations.

The BSW (Honours) Program is not offered online or through Distance Studies.

BSW Program Objectives

It is critical for our BSW graduates to acquire skills needed to think holistically, and to engage in the complex dynamics of person and environment interactions. Students are expected to approach practice from an informed planned practice strategy (i.e., engagement, assessment, intervention, and evaluation), with problem solving skills, and an emphasis on the strengths perspective. Students acquire the knowledge and skills needed to be effective entry-level practitioners through a curriculum which provides foundational tools for critical thinking, interdisciplinary learning, collaborative problem-solving, positive intellectual values, understanding of diversity, and effective communication.

  • Depth and Breadth of Knowledge
    BSW graduates are prepared to apply social work knowledge, as well as knowledge from other disciplines, to advance professional practice, policy development, research, and service provision.
  • Knowledge of Methodologies
    BSW graduates acquire knowledge and skills to critique, apply, or participate in social work research.
  • Application of Knowledge
    BSW graduates are equipped with knowledge and skills to competently perform various interactive practices such as engagement, assessment, interventions, negotiation, mediation, advocacy, and evaluation.
  • Communication Skills
    BSW graduates will be able to demonstrate effective oral and written communication in working with individuals, families, groups, organization, communities, and colleagues.
  • Awareness of Limits of Knowledge
    BSW graduates will be able to employ critical thinking in professional practice - social work students develop skills in critical thinking, and reassessing, including critical analysis and assumptions consistent with the values of the profession, which they apply in their professional practice to analyze complex situations and make professional judgments.
  • Autonomy and Professional Capacity
    BSW graduates will be able to identify as a professional social worker and adopt a value perspective of the social work profession.
BSW Students receive

Specific objectives of the program emphasize the social and organizational contexts of practice. Students learn social work practice with

  • Individuals
  • Families
  • Groups and Communities

Students have the opportunity to develop social work practice skills through direct experience in a variety of social service and health organizations under professional supervision.

Combine your BSW degree with other subjects including:
  • Disabilities Studies
  • Thanatology
  • Social Justice and Peace Studies
  • First Nations Studies

King's Social Work graduates are employed in a wide variety of practice fields and settings. Some will choose to pursue a Master's Degree, either upon completion of the BSW (Honours) or following experience in professional practice.

Real Experience Leads to Real Jobs 

(image: 79% icon)

of BSW grads were employed within 6 months of graduation

(image 88% icon)

of BSW grads were employed at time of survey.


(image: 76% icon)

of BSW grads said their King’s BSW prepared them very well or well for their current position

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of BSW grads went on to complete MSW (Social Work Alumni Survey 2015)