King's University College has been involved in the delivery of social work education since 1969 when the Department of Social Welfare at King's College was established by the Senate of the University of Western Ontario. Housed in a large portable building at King's, the Department offered a full-time program leading to a Bachelor of Arts in Social Welfare. The program was originally structured so that students completed one year of general studies followed by three years in the professional program. In 1974, the Department was renamed the Department of Social Work and the degree was changed to a Bachelor of Social Work. The BSW program received accreditation in 1979 and has retained full and maximum accreditation since that time.

In 1982, the program was relocated to the main building of King's College and was successfully re-accredited in 1986. In 1990, the degree was changed to a Bachelor of Social Work (Honours) and the program structure was changed: students now completed two years of general studies, followed by two years in the professional program (the structure it maintains to this day). In response to student needs, the program introduced an extended study plan (part-time studies) in 1991.