There are opportunities to become involved as a community partner.  Our program highly values the input and expertise of our community professionals and invite your participation at any level.

The purpose of the Field Education Committee is to promote practice excellence and to ensure that policies, procedures, and practices related to Field Education are in accordance with the standards of the Canadian Association of Social Work Education.


  • Chair (Coordinator of Field Education)
  • Graduate Program Coordinator
  • MSW Practicum & Program Liaison
  • Two BSW Students (3rd year & 4th year, elected by SWSA)
  • Two MSW Students
  • Two Social Workers with field experience
  • Two full-time Social Work Faculty members
  • One Field representative
  • Recording Secretary - Field Education Administrative Assistant


  1. Provide a forum for members to discuss matters relevant to Field Education.
  2. Make recommendations regarding Field Education policies and procedures to School Council.
  3. Provide consultation to the Coordinator of Field Education, in the administration of the Field Education program.
  4. Act on recommendations from the School Council.


At least once in the Fall term and once in Winter term, plus additional meetings as required.

The King’s Field Education Advisory Group (KFEAG) consists of individuals actively involved with field instruction, or those who assist in the coordination of field placements at their agency.  The advisory group represents a collective voice for a broad representation of field instructors across multiple social service sectors. Membership is open to community individuals/agencies involved in the provision of Social Work practice.  Participation in this group is intended to foster peer support and feedback in field education related issues.


  • Promote high standards of field practice education for social work students
  • Inform the development and maintenance of high standards of social work education, and ensure that the educational component is relevant to social work practice
  • Encourage Field Instructors to maintain and improve their knowledge and skills in the area of field practice education
  • Encourage networking among field practice educators
  • Collaborate with and maintain an effective working relationship with Community Partners, Faculty, Students, and the Coordinator of Field Education


Three times per year

The School of Social Work celebrates Social Work Week each year in collaboration with the local branch of the Ontario Association of Social Workers.

Social Work Week is an opportunity for public education about the profession. The theme changes each year in an effort to highlight the scope of social work practice. For more information about Social Work Week, visit the OASW website


Three Social work faculty members
Field representative
OASW representative
One MSW student
SWSA liaison to KUCSC (BSW student)
SWSA Social Action Committee chair (BSW student)
Recording Secretary: Field Education Administrative Assistant


The Social Work Week Committee plans and organizes the activities for Social Work Week and the Professional Development Day in early March.


Social Work Week takes place the first full week of March. The event is co-sponsored by the School of Social Work at King's and the Ontario Association of Social Workers (OASW).


The Committee meets as required in preparation for Social Work Week on Tuesday or Thursday from 11:30 am – 1:30 pm. The Committee meets approximately four times prior to Social Work Week.

Are you able to host a 3rd Year BSW Student or MSW Student for a Placement from January - April 2019?  Contact Sarah Morrison, Field Education Administrative Assistant or phone 519-433-3491 x4446.

Twice each year we invite agencies to attend the BSW Agency Forums to showcase agency programs and learning opportunities for students.

The Fall Agency Forum takes place each Fall for 3rd Year BSW placements beginning the following January, or for those commencing Block Placements in April. The Winter Agency Forum takes place in January for 4th Year BSW placements commencing the following September. 

If you are interested in attending one or both Forums, and able to provide a student placement at your agency, please contact the Field Education Administrative Assistant, Sarah Morrison by email: or phone 519-433-3491 x4446.