BSW Application Deadline and Process

A formal application to the School of Social Work must be submitted by March 15 for admission the following September

Students not currently or formerly registered at King’s University College or The University of Western Ontario must also apply to King’s University College through the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre

All candidates for admission to the professional Social Work program (Year III of university) are considered according to the same academic and non academic requirements. 

For BSW admissions pertaining to PASS/FAIL:

The School of Social Work will accept a ‘Pass’ for up to 1.0 (non-social work) credit during the current academic year for admission consideration in cases where there is no underlying numeric grade behind the Pass/Fail. For courses recorded as ‘Pass’ and for which there are underlying numeric grades, the School of Social Work will be using those grades to determine academic eligibility for admission. Please note that all social work requisites (SW1025, SW1026, SW2216 and SW2206 or equivalent) must contain a numeric grade for consideration into the BSW (Honours) program.


Students who have taken the previous SW1021 and SW1022 will still be required to take SW1026 and SW2216.  SW1026 and SW2216 replace SW2214 and SW2215 from the previous checklist.

The BSW (Honours) degree is offered within Western’s modular degree framework as an Honors Specialization in Social Work.  This provides students with the opportunity to complete additional modules as part of their BSW (Honours) degree.  All BSW students must meet standard undergraduate degree breadth requirements, including 1.0 course from each of Categories A, B, and C, prior to graduation.

It is each applicant’s responsibility to be familiar with the requirements for admission, progression and graduation, as set out in the Western Calendar.  In any instance where there is a discrepancy between this Handbook and the Western Calendar, the Western Calendar will be considered the official calendar copy. 

VIRTUAL Drop-In Hours

The Programs Liaison has virtual drop-in hours for students interested in the BSW Program and is available Monday afternoons from 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm unless otherwise noted.

If you would like to see the Programs Liaison on a different day, please email for an appointment.


If you have questions about the admissions process or requirements, please contact:

If you require application materials in an alternate format, please contact Julie Siverns, Social Work Programs Assistant, at