All fees are payable to King's University College at Western University. See Money Matters for full details.


There are a number of financial resources available for King's BSW Students (applications and eligibility requirements may apply):

  • OSAP
  • King's Continuing Scholarships
  • Work Study and First Generation Program
  • Bursaries and Scholarships

Awards and bursaries for BSW Students include the following:

  • Academic Award in the Social Work Program 
  • Board of  Governor's Gold Medal in the Social Work (Honours) Program 
  • Catherine Martin Award 
  • Elisa Canzona Award 
  • David and Patricia Convery Student Award in Social Work 
  • Jahnke Family Award 
  • Dr. Linda Spano Social Work Award
  • Dr. Peter McMahon Award 
  • OASW Award 
  • Thomas J. Smith Student Award 
  • Social Work Award 
  • Sunlife Financial Social Work Scholarship 
  • Susan J. O'Neil Award for Excellence in Social Work Practice