Practicum (experiential learning) is an integral component of our BSW and MSW programs. It provides Students with the opportunity to practice in a Social Work setting, receive regular professional instruction and supervision, and engage in a dynamic process directed towards understanding the role of a Social Worker through experience in the field.

Field Instruction has the potential to:
  • Be the link for Students between their education and entry to the profession;
  • Renew the ranks of the profession and contribute to new knowledge and methods;
  • Enhance the service, leadership and advocacy with respect to clients; and
  • Contribute to our communities through the distinct service activities of Students.

The Field Instructor is responsible for completing various forms during the Student’s time at the agency. These forms are completed and submitted online via our Intern Placement Tracking System (IPT).

What are the Expectations of a Field Instructor?

The Field Instructor is assigned by the Practicum Setting and approved by the Coordinator of Field Education on behalf of The School of Social Work at King’s University College.  They are responsible for:

  • assisting the student in achieving the overall goals of the Practicum and the agreed upon learning objectives
  • provides an orientation to the setting
  • provides formal supervision to the student (BSW3 minimum of one hour per week, BSW4 minimum of two hours per week, MSW  one to two hours per week)
  • Following consultation with the student and Faculty Consultant provides a typed evaluation at the midterm and end of term. 

Time spent in Student supervision can be used towards the Continuing Competence Program (CPP) required of all Social Workers registered with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers.  Please contact the OCSWSSW for further information. 

All current Field Instructors have free library privileges at the Cardinal Carter Library at King's. An extensive collection of social work texts and journals will help Field Instructors’ remain current and revitalized in the lifelong learning model of social work education.  The Library also houses specific articles to enhance Field Instructors’ knowledge in field education.  Electronic access to journals is possible. 

For specific guidance related to Social Work topics, we also have the expertise of a Social Work Librarian on site.  Please contact Emma Swiatek in the Cardinal Carter Library for information and assistance.

Lending Priviledges
Please contact the Field Education Administrative Assistant for assistance with getting access to the Library.