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The School of Social Work and King's University College welcomes applications from all qualified individuals. Our diversity has many different faces and expressions including, but not limited to, age, colour, culture, disability status, ethnic or linguistic origin, gender, health status, heritage, immigration status, geographic origin, race, religious and spiritual beliefs, gender and sexual identities, and socioeconomic status.

The School of Social Work reserves up to two spaces in their program for Indigenous students and French Speaking students. In addition to these two spaces, the School also awards up to an additional 5% to the total admissions score for applicants from other marginalized groups, or candidates who have faced significant barriers, who choose to identify themselves and who wish to have their application reviewed in this light. Applicants may provide details regarding experiences that should be viewed within the lens of equity, diversity and inclusion.

The Additional Consideration Form is confidential: it does NOT become a permanent part of a student's official Western or School of Social Work student record; and the form is only accessible to the MSW Programs Liaison and Admissions Review Committee. The information provided is used solely for MSW admissions purposes only. The form is removed from the applicant's file and shredded at the conclusion of the admissions period.

Applications from Indigenous Students

The School of Social Work celebrates the gifts that Indigenous students bring to post-secondary education. We also recognize the discrimination and systemic barriers that Indigenous learners have faced and continue to face in the pursuit of education. In accordance with the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People and Calls to Action from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, the School has designated up to two places in its MSW program for Indigenous learners who meet all admission requirements for the program.

Applications from French Language Students

Please note: successful admission to the program does not guarantee program and practicum will be in French or Indigenous Languages.

Applications from members of marginalized groups and/or other barriers to education

Applicants who are members of a marginalized group, or who have experienced other barriers, and who wish to identify themselves are eligible to receive an additional 5% added to their total application score. The School of Social Work recognizes the following for additional consideration: visible minorities (racialized persons); Indigenous people (inclusive of various Nationhoods such as Inuit, Innu, and M├ętis who are Indigenous to North America); disability status, which may encompass physical, mobility, perceptual, illness related, mental health, developmental, or environmental disabilities; people who self-identify as two spirit, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual, transgender or queer; people facing other barriers to education (socioeconomic, caregiving, religious, cultural).

Applications from Black Students and People of Colour

The School of Social Work recognizes the systemic barriers black students and/or people of colour face. We have designated up to two places in the MSW program for black students and/or people of colour who meet all admission requirements for the program.