Through research on the SAFE program, participants have shared the impact that SAFE has had.

“It was phenomenal. It really made such a huge, huge difference for us. First of all, I was able to talk through so many issues. In a lot of ways, my feelings and my experiences were really validated. But the social work student that I spoke with, she was just phenomenal… Some of the strategies we came up, we still use. Even now, now that they’re back in regular school, we still use these things and we still find them to be effective.”

– A parent who participated in the SAFE program*

“I know families are so grateful, I'm so grateful. I can't speak enough good things about this program, and that I hope that it can continue and maybe grow a little bit.”

– A TVDSB staff member*

* These quotes were collected in the context of SAFE research, and are not testimonials.

SAFE offers virtual counselling services to parents and caregivers of school-aged children and youth.  Additionally, youth can receive counselling support on direct referral from their school social worker. These services are currently offered virtually, via video, telephone or email, and are available from September until July of each academic year.

The SAFE program is managed out of King’s University College School of Social Work Field Education Office. Social Work students, under direct supervision of a registered social worker, provide assessment, education/resources, referrals, and counselling support virtually, via video, phone or email.

There is no cost for these services and there is no limit to the number of sessions that you can access. 

SAFE also offers community workshops with a focus on psychoeducation for parents and caregivers.

It is important to note that SAFE is not a crisis service. If you are feeling that what you or your family is experiencing is a crisis, please call 911 for help, or check our Crisis Resources page.